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Many homebuilders often try to make the construction process an allusive one to their clients allowing them to make the renovations or building seem far more complicated than it actually is. When customers are unaware of what is involved in the construction process, it grants builders the advantage of charging clients for unnecessary work. Modular Home Additions believes in laying out each step for homeowners, in order to provide them a detailed account of where their money is going, as well as allowing them to remain involved in the process, which is meant to be a fun and exciting one.
Our concept of home renovations and building is based around a simplified process that is values speed and cost-efficiency. Home renovations don't need to be stressful or take a long time, or cost an arm and a leg.
The Beginning

The building process at Modular Home Renovations begins with a consultation that determines exactly what you require and what your budget consists of. For home renovations, we offer 36 different models of exterior walls, dormers, roofs and floor plans. You can pick one of our pre-designed models or custom-design on of your own, based entirely on your specific needs. Our up-to-date software allows clients the opportunity to see exactly what their new home will look like once it is finished, and will also calculate a very accurate estimate of the entire cost, leaving no unpleasant surprises.
Once your new model has been decided upon, Modular builders construct the addition offsite in a climate-controlled environment. We will demolish and dispose of the existing roof or floors and the new level or unit can be attached in a matter of hours.
The Middle
Once your new level or unit is in place, we proceed to install heating, ventilation and air-conditioning as well as plumbing, rough-in and fixtures. Modular Home Additions also handles aspects such as electrical wiring and finishing, meaning that it is not necessary to source out any other contractors during the building process.

New home building does not mean just the construction parts when working with Modular. Our team updates cabinets, installs new flooring, including tile, carpet and ceramics, and completes all millwork, as well as painting and decorating.

Following this building process allows us to offer the most cost-effective home building services in Toronto and the GTA. Homeowners are exposed to minimal mess, noise and disruption as a standard building project takes three days and the majority of the work happens away from the home. We also offer a four-year warranty on construction work that is unbeatable.
For a reliable homebuilder in Toronto, call Modular Home Additions today at 416-579-4663.
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Our showroom is located in the East York area of Toronto. Please call or email us to set up an appointment.
27 Bermondsey Rd.
Toronto, ON M4B 1Z7
Fax: 416.759.9563

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